Putting WIMP Into Place

Today, I continued work on our new WIMP server configuration. As opposed to LAMP, or even WAMP, WIMP stands for:


Our WIMPy setup is coming along just fine, aside from a few speedbumps. The first occurred when PHP repeatedly failed to load the php_mysql.dll library. It took me three hours to realize that PHP was pointing to \Windows instead of \php to find the php.ini configuration file. This despite the fact that php.ini was only located in \php, and I had added that to the PATH server environment variable! A test script with the phpinfo() command was essential to discover this fault.

I am still working on the second roadblock. PERL is not returning informative error messages. When a script does not compile properly, the browser only returns an “incomplete set of headers” error message. In our old IIS5 setup, this would usually be followed by “the headers it did return are …”, which would provide the substance of the error message. Not this time! I need to determine whether this is a normal consequence of an incomplete set of PERL modules, or whether there is a way to turn on more verbose error messaging. I suspect that my answer lies in some command-line testing.

In other news, Richard Bender has completed most of the new server setup and will begin the migration tomorrow. Ina upgraded Raiser’s Edge to version seven, and we are aiming to join the first admin users to the new domains on Monday.

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