Student.User, High School Graduate!

Our beloved student.user network account graduated today. It first entered the school in the fall of 2002 as a test account for student network privileges. Needing a security group, it joined the new class of 2006. For four years, student.user made its way through the ninth grade curriculum, found a new group of friends during sophomore year, unsuccessfully ran for V.P. of Diversity junior year, and experienced a vicious senior slump this year. College really isn’t in the cards for student.user. We think it is going to take some well-deserved time off and contemplate what to do next. A return to the class of 2010 is pretty much out of the question, since our current practice is to create a student test user account for each class. So, 2008.user and 2009.user are currently making their way through the rigorous UHS program, and the tech department will have many graduations to celebrate in the future. One thing for sure — the tuition payments are killing us!

p.s. Teacher.User appears to be a lifer.

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