What a Week!

Having had my head in the servers for the last few days, I only just now caught up on reading blogs from this past week. A lot has happened!

I also harvested some great tips for upcoming personal projects:

  • D’Arcy Norman explains how to migrate mySQL databases for an upgrade. I will be working on this in the upcoming week.
  • Moodlebug describes a new Elgg-Moodle integration module. I am thinking of rolling out such an environment at Catlin Gabel in the fall. (Bill, are they stealing your thunder?)
  • D’Arcy also tries out Adobe Lightroom. I need to create a better web photo gallery for an alum’s Kenya photos.
  • Numerous bloggers are ramping up for NECC. I need to write my presentation!

My last week at UHS is going to be a busy one.


  1. Ben Casnocha says:

    A hat tip for investing so much time even as you head out. Level 5 Leadership, Jim Collins would say.

  2. rkassissieh says:

    Thanks, Ben. If I didn’t, then much of the work I did would be left broken. I have got the web server mostly put back together at this point.

  3. Bill says:

    Hello, Richard,

    RE: "I am thinking of rolling out such an environment at Catlin Gabel in the fall. (Bill, are they stealing your thunder?)"

    No way, no how. The Elgg-Moodle integration is a great thing, and it was underway well before I wrote my posts on Elgg, Drupal, and Moodle working together.

    And, we’ll have some announcements on more integration new coming shortly.



  4. Bill says:

    Hello, Richard,

    Some background on the Elgg-Moodle integration — it was done by the folks at Catalyst IT — http://catalyst.net.nz/ in conjunction with Dave Tosh and Ben Werdmuller, the Elgg project leads.

    In addition to integrating Elgg with Moodle, they also contributed to the Elgg codebase. Along with integrating with Moodle, the Elgg codebase made some nice strides between the .4 and the .6 releases.

    Catalyst IT is also involved in the NZOSVLE project — https://eduforge.org/projec… — and they are active contributors in the Moodle community as well —

    Which is all a long way of saying they do some fine work.