Active Directory Management From Your Desktop

I found out today how to manage Active Directory users and groups directly from my pc. After four years of terminaling into servers to access Active Directory, this helps consolidate administrative applications on my computer. It’s also a plus that I am running Windows under Parallels. This is a tech note that our former employee Jonathan wrote up.

Installing “Active Directory Users and Computers” Module with Exchange Features on Windows XP SP2 Workstations, using Exchange 2003

In Windows XP SP2, the SMTP snap-in is installed with the IIS snap-in. The SMTP Service is a separate component that is not required. The WWW Publishing Service is also not required. The Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack is still required, because it provides the NNTP snap-in and the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.

1. Verify that you are using Windows XP SP2

2. Install IIS Snap-In (Add/Remove Programs – Windows Components)
a. Select “Internet Information Services (IIS)” and click the “Details” button [requires Windows XP CD]
b. The “SMTP Service” and “World Wide Web Service” can be unchecked

3. In Services, disable SMTP and WWW services, if applicable

4. Install Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack [We had this on our network. It’s probably on the Server 2003 install CD.]

5. Install Exchange System Management Tools:
a. Insert the Exchange Server 2003 CD—When the installation splash screen comes up, click on Exchange Deployment Tools under the Deployment section
b. On the Welcome to the Exchange Server Deployment Tools screen, click Install Exchange System Management Tools Only
c. The following screen explains some of the prerequisites for installation… scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Run Setup now”
d. In the Exchange installation “Component Selection” screen change the Action for the “Microsoft Exchange” heading to Install or Custom
e. Change the Action for “Microsoft Exchange System Management Tools” to Install
f. Complete installation

User and group management tabs
AD management

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  1. knut says:

    #4. Adminpak.msi is on the 2003 cd under the folder I386