FileMan — Web Access to Home Directories

FileMan is an ASP script that provides users web browser access to home directories. This is essential to provide complete off-campus access to the network environment without installing a terminal server or VPN. FileMan is unique in that it picks up the web site login information, uses it to find the user’s home directory from his/her profile, and then restricts the user to the permissions set on the network.

Some tips I had to recall in reinstalling this package:

  • The interaction with DAF is important. Last time (IIS5), DAF set the AUTH_USER environment variable, so FileMan was able to find the user’s home directory when he/she logged in through DAF. As of IIS6, DAF has removed this feature. As a result, I set up a new web site with a different domain name ( using Basic Authentication instead of DAF. This is good practice anyway, as it requires a second login to access files. If a user forgets to log out of a standard web page on the site, then at least his/her files do not remain exposed!
  • I set the new web site to authorize users on the default domain SFUHS and set FileMan to use SFUHS as the default for NT permissions. This way, users don’t have to specify the domain when they log in, which is handy.

    In IIS -> [web site] -> Properties -> Directory Security -> Authentication and Access Control –> Default Domain

    In Fileman/global.asa: Application(“Domain”)=”SFUHS”


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