From 0 To 60: A New Online Community

I had a good time presenting at NECC today. Here are two presentation-related files.

One-page summary (presentation handout)

Presentation Slides (2.4 MB PDF)

Open-source packages I mentioned

Presenting at conferences forces me to organize my ideas, solicits feedback from session attendees, and always leads me to make new and old acquaintances. Today, who walked in the door but my former biology teaching mentor from 15 years ago, Sue Scott! She has also made the move from full-time teaching into technology administration, at St. Paul Academy (Minnesota). This week, I also saw Maria Ribera (formerly from UHS), Stephen Rahn (a blogging connection), and Hoover Chan (BAISNet‘s daddy).

One comment

  1. Theodore says:

    Hi Richard,
    I was referred by Ryan Kellet from UHS, my brother, Harold King, also just graduated this past year.

    We’re developing an aggregated solution with a lot of the features that you mention on your blog and a bit more, and I was wondering if you would consider evaluating our solution.

    If you can drop me an email, I can send you our use cases. You can also skype me @ theodoreking