Moodle as CMS

After much deliberation, I have committed to Moodle as the foundation of our new intranet web site. Drupal was too oriented toward the whole community. Elgg was too oriented to the individual. Especially with the v1.6 release, Moodle offers a balanced mix of tools oriented toward the individual, groups of varying kinds, and the whole community.

Today, I experimented with two critical CMS features. The first was to use Moodle as a simple CMS (content management system) to maintain static content. I migrated two pages from other locations on our intranet: a page of teacher tools and a Spanish II class web site. So far, direct editing of a block and posting new “web page” resource links seem to do the trick. It’s not as flexible as a wiki, but it works for most content, and the wiki activity module is always there should it be required.

The second experiment was to integrate Gallery into Moodle. This is important for the many photo collections people have posted to the main Catlin web site. The experiment went brilliantly. Most users won’t even need to visit Gallery directly, as all Gallery functionality is now present within Moodle. One key lesson was that the Moodle Gallery plugin works with Gallery version 2.0.4, not the latest 2.1.

Moodle Gallery

Those of you playing at home, you will find the new site at


  1. Stephen Rahn says:

    I had a feeling that you might go with Moodle, but I like the way you went about making your decision. I hope it all works out!

  2. Bob Irving says:

    Hi Richard, I’m really intrigued with what you’ve done with Moodle as your intranet. Just curious — how does authentication work? What roles have you made (I’m assuming you’re using Moodle 1.8), and does that change the view you get on the front page (teacher vs student)?


  3. rkassissieh says:


    More lately, I have gone back to a custom intranet front page that pulls personalized user data from a variety of sources. Moodle still plays a big role — I just upgraded to Moodle 1.8 but haven’t created additional roles beyond the default. Do you know whether there is a way to use roles to provide parents with read-only access to selected courses without requiring them to enroll?


  4. Bob Irving says:

    Thanks for the reply, Richard. I’m continuing to play with 1.8 to see if I can get it to do some CMS stuff (static article, etc.)

    I have only just begun to research roles in 1.8, so I’m not sure about what you ask. I need an answer to the same question. If I find out, I’ll post here or shoot you an email.