NECC: Getting Started

NECC is finally underway! I had a bit of a bumpy ride getting here. It took five hours door-to-door by airplane, which brings up the eternal drive/fly debate up again for me. This is also the first time I have attended a conference with my entire family, which settled the drive/fly question very quickly! With the kids underfoot this morning, I still managed to get to the conference in time, though I did forget my conference program. Forced to use the NECC conference planner, I am actually finding it easier than leafing through the paper program looking for pen marks.

I am pleased that the convention center wireless signal extends to within the session rooms. Last year, bloggers expressed a lot of disappointment that they were not able to blog during sessions. Though it might be more of a hassle for presenters, I think it enhances the experience for attendees to have a live internet connection all the time.

It strikes me that so many people are able to attend this event, despite the $150 or so conference registration fee, at least $200 per night hotel fees, and travel costs. How do most people pay for this? Do technology grants make this event go?

Unfortunately, my badge and conference description paint a split personality. The printed materials all say San Francisco University High School, and the electronic materials indicate Catlin Gabel School. Since I have just left UHS for CGS, I guess it’s appropriate that both are mentioned during the only week I am between jobs.

I am pleased to remember that the University of Oregon hosts the NECC site year-round! I am about to move to Oregon on Monday.

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