Apple’s Back-to-School Bonanza

I recently bought a new iMac for my mother and was surprised to walk out with a free iPod nano and printer/copier/scanner as well! This is part of Apple’s back-to-school special. However, I can only find the free nano offer on the web. If you are in the market for a new Mac, I suggest you go to an Apple store with your education ID and attempt to get the full package.

We walked off the street into an Apple Store and got:
– $100 off the iMac (education discount)
– Free iPod nano (by mail-in rebate, $200 value)
– Free HP inkjet printer/scanner/copier (by mail-in rebate, $100 value)
– Microsoft Office Student/Teacher edition for $100 (after $50 mail-in rebate)

The printer was the most pleasant surprise. It’s the fastest inkjet printer I have seen, it includes a small flatbed scanner, and the one-touch copier is simple to use and provides black & white and color options.

I wish mail-in rebates were illegal. I wonder what proportion of customers fail to submit the rebate forms? In addition, both the printer and iPod rebate forms ask for the original iMac UPC. Apparently, the iPod offer will accept copies.

Now if only my parents didn’t want the free iPod!

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