Silence Your Blackberry!

I have quite unintentionally become a Blackberry user. The new tech department I just joined standardized on Blackberries some years ago, so I got one, too. For a change, I picked up the 7000i to see whether I could have a smaller device than the others’. Turns out that it’s not actually smaller, just narrower and taller. At least it fits in my pocket.

I was freaked out for the first week at how often the device buzzed and beeped me. This leads to my first lesson learned: turn off notification for email messages! I really don’t need to know when each separate email message arrives, and my phone will still buzz when I receive a phone call, radio call, or IM message. I definitely do not want to become one of these people who frantically checks their Blackberry for every email message that arrives! I switched to “phone only” mode to make this happen easily.

Being new to town, my favorite new Blackberry app is Google Local. It’s perfect when trying to find an address or get driving directions while on the phone!

I tried “find me now,” a Mapquest feature that uses GPS to locate me wherever I am. It wasn’t very accurate and required a lot of setup.

What other Blackberry apps should I download and try?


  1. Ben Casnocha says:

    Yes, turning off email notification is crucial. I only have phone and SMS on for notification.

    You have a newer version than me. I don’t think mine accepts external apps.

  2. Jameson says:

    I just set up my new Blackberry 8703e this weekend. I must say that I like the Blackberry much more than my old Treo.

    Just curious– how do you manage email on your Blackberry? Do you have it configured for POP or IMAP access?

    Sometimes I read all of my emails on my computer, and am left with many showing "unread" on my Blackberry. Do you actually take the time to erase old messages on your Blackberry, or do you just leave them there?

  3. chris says:

    Bb has option to mark all previous as read

  4. rkassissieh says:

    That’s nice. Can you tell me where it is?


  5. andre says:

    purchased oakley razrwire
    blackberry 7000i does not seem to want to find device/bluetooth earpiece on glasses….any one out there accomplish this yet?