Bike Commute Challenge

Paul M. has organized a number of Catlin employees to participate in this month’s Bike Commute Challenge. The school’s objective is to bike as many commute trips as possible. The organization is attempting to increase the number of bike commuters and raise awareness as well. One cool aspect is their nifty web site, which makes it easy to track commute trips by person and organization. My goal is to bike to work every day in September.

Bike Commute Challenge


  1. Jim Heynderickx says:

    Thanks for the reminder– last year we participated and did pretty well. 13 bikers reporting 142 total trips, and our total distance by bike was 1823.00 miles.

    I just sent out a reminder that we are participating again, but so far only my four rides are in.

    Do you bike to work?

  2. Bike in Closet says:

    Thats a promising challenge for people who go to work everyday. I mean, with the gasoline prices soaring high, one thing really comes to my mind. Going back the flintstones time and hit the pedals to work. My bike is in my closet at the storage rooms for quite some time. I think I need to start lubricating its parts now. Way to go!