Blog Nourishment

I am catching up on the flagged items in my blog reading. Here are some items that got me thinking.

Is a Computer Like a Bicycle? (Presentation Zen)

Do elementary students in laptop programs use them to improve higher-order thinking skills? Only if they are taught how. Lesson #1: avoid software that constrains you into a particular way of thinking. Good software “gets out of the way” and equips you to think creatively within a powerful environment.

Is there a community with this text? Building a new view of teaching and community. (Christopher Sessums)

Should learners take charge of their own learning through social software? Students could build their own information sources from collections of conversations with peers and research sources within an electronic environment.

Exploring Wikis in Education with Vicki Davis and Adam Frey (Steve Hargadon)

On a similar note, Hargardon summarizes the advantages of wikis in education. Does a wiki echo the business model of “continuous improvement?” What if students began the year with a wiki and improved it little by little over the course of the year until the document was at its best at the end of the course?

Vocab Daydreams (Bill Fitzerald)

Fitzgerald outlines different ways to use the web to construct meaningful vocabulary exercises for students. This reminds me of a site I built for UHS in which students wrote up vocabulary definitions and uses for homework, teachers marked some as exemplary, and then students reviewed the marked ones for vocab quizzes. So, it”s not magic, but it did work for four years.

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  1. Ben Casnocha says:

    Hopefully i’ll meet with the Presentation Zen guy in Japan in a few weeks.