Copying From iPod to Computer

We regularly wipe and reinstall software on student laptop computers, but we do not copy music collections as a matter of policy. We believe that most students have illegal copies of music files on their family-owned computers, and we should not knowingly store such files on our servers or pass them through our network. While this causes a headache for many students (who has 20GB free on another computer to back up their music?), it’s our current policy and practice.

iPod copy utilities make this transition easier. If a student has a copy of their music collection on their iPod, they can copy it back to the computer after the imaging work is complete. I haven’t use them before, but here are three popular utilities for mac that I found online. One is cross-platform. Another one is free. Does anyone have experience with these in order to know which is best?




It’s too bad that Apple’s policies make it difficult for some users to perform legitimate file backup operations, in an attempt to block illegal file copying.


  1. Paul Monheimer says:

    I use iPodRip and Rip to iPod for those functions which Apple has crippled. iPodrip has an easy to use interface and has worked faithfully the entire time I have used it. My music collection is stored on my iPod, but I regularly need songs on my laptop. Rip to iPod is a fast way to copy CD’s to the iPod without leaving a file behind on the computer.

  2. rkassissieh says:

    Thanks, Paul. I have forwarded your advice to the student in question. I hope you have enough of your music backed up in case your iPod kicks the bucket!