Different Strokes For Different Divisions

Yes, working in a K-12 school is very different from working in a 9-12. The biggest difference is that the K-12 has different divisions, almost as if I am dealing with four different schools in one. Case in point: upon arrival, I was asked to provide academic technology advice to teachers in the upper school. I just assumed that this would be wanted in the middle school as well, but there I found that the middle school computer teacher was already filling that role! Why the difference? For one, the middle school computer teacher provides core skill instruction: spreadsheet, presentation tools, and others. The upper school computer teacher offers classes only in programming. He really is not in a position to advise a modern language or science teacher how to use technology in their classes! Another reason would just be accidents of circumstance. As individuals grow into their roles over time, they carve out niches. Luckily, the arrival of a new staff member such as me provides an opportunity to assess and fill those gaps.

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