An article about intranet web 2.0 tools by Miguel Guhlin led me to phpMyFAQ, which fills I need I have been thinking about for a while. I want a way to catalog tech tips and answers to frequently asked questions, but this piece of software adds an important component: user additions and revision tracking. This could allow the entire Catlin Gabel community to maintain a knowledgebase of technical knowledge so that individuals improve their knowledge and self-sufficiency over time.

* Various supported database systems:
You can use MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase, MS SQL Server, MaxDB, IBM DB2, IBM Cloudscape, or Apache Derby.
* LDAP integration:
Add your company’s LDAP based user management into phpMyFAQ
* Content Management System:
You can administrate your users, news, themes, categories and records in the password protected admin area.
* User Administration:
Selected users can edit and administrate records.
* Record Administration:
Your users can write new records, the administrator has to unlock the record. The admin can also edit the record, move into a another category or delete the record.
* WYSIWYG editor:
Write your articles like you do in or Word.
* Image Manager:
The Image Manager provides an web interface to browse for image files (JPEG, PNG, GIF, and others) on the web server.
* News Administration:
Write news that appear on the FAQ mainpage.
* Revision system:
Store the old entries in wiki-like revisions.
* User-Tracking:
Analyze the way of your users through your FAQ.
* User-Voting:
With the voting of the users you can analyze the quality of your records.
* Top 10:
You’ll get a Top 10 with ten of the most popular records.
* Language files:
phpMyFAQ supports more than 30 languages including Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese.
* Multilanguage support:
Write records in different languages.
* Search engine optimization:
Support for Apache mod_rewrite, IIS ISAPI_rewrite, and lighttpd mod_rewrite
* Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 search plugin support:
Search through your FAQ using the internal Firefox or IE7 search
* Sitemap:
Lists all FAQ articles in a alphabetical order
* Template system:
Custimize your FAQ to your webdesign.
* Simple installation and configuration:
Install and set up your FAQ only with your browser!
* 5 different views for records:
XHTML, printer optimized XHTML, PDF, DocBook XML and plain XML
* Spam protection:
phpMyFAQ uses captchas, bad word lists and IP ban lists to prevent spam.
* XML-RPC interface:
Support for searching over the internet.
* Backup:
Export and import from SQL tables
* Community module:
Users can write questions to the system, so that other user can answer these questions.
* Send2Friend:
User can send records up to five friends with email.
* PHP 5.x ready
phpMyFAQ 1.6.x works with PHP 5.x

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