Want to upload an image into a Moodle wiki?

You can’t. At least in some circumstances. That’s what I have concluded after many hours of investigation. It appears that the Moodle wiki module included with Moodle 1.5 and 1.6 (based on eWiki) has a bug that does not allow students to upload images into the wiki even when the “allow binary files” option is checked. This differs from other modules such as forums, in which it works just fine. Students may still link to images stored elsewhere (even in Moodle), but they can’t upload the image when they need it. For research projects, this may be okay, because students often get images from other web sites, but it runs counter to many users’ natural instincts to post files when they need them.

While admins get the full image upload popup, students only get the following window.

student insert image window

I have tested this in three Mac browsers and both Windows and Linux-based Moodle 1.6.1/1,6,3 installations. I also tried uprading to nWiki, the new wiki technology being developed for Moodle 1.8. One suggested workaround, uploading the image into the wiki as an attachment and then adding it via [internal://filename.jpg] notation is awkward and only works on my Linux installation, not in Windows. Another suggested workaround, posting the image to a discussion forum and then linking to the image URL, is too disruptive to a person’s work process.

The following post suggests that the error may lie with the HTML editor toolbar rather than the wiki module itself. Could this problem be platform-specific? Maybe this is why there is only a small amount of discussion of this issue on the Moodle forums.

Let me know if you have the same experience and whether you know of a fix out there. Thanks.

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  1. arvind s grover says:

    Richard, we had the exact same problem, but just scrapped the detailed investigation and created a forum where they could post their images. It worked for us because they were posting one time, final animations. It is a major hurdle for their already poor wiki interface.