DokuWiki Rocks Again

I spent an hour with a teacher today doing one of my favorite things — choosing a technology to meet the goals of a class project. The project is a set of essays on cultural objects for a globalization class. Cultural objects are popular items that have achieved world recognition — Coca-Cola, Ronald McDonald, and so on. We quickly settled on wiki technology, and within the course of a day, I moved from the Moodle wiki activity module to MediaWiki and finally to DokuWiki.

I had been there before at my previous school. In my limited experience, DokuWiki is more appropriate for schools than MediaWiki. I got DokuWiki installed more quickly, bound to LDAP, and configured for use. It is also simpler to use for beginners. MediaWiki is still the gold standard for wiki software, but they make no bones about how it is designed for the Wikipedia site. Its features are not necessarily ideal for a school site with lots of beginner users. Moodle wiki looks fine within the context of Moodle, but the image upload feature is broken for student users and the diff feature falls far short of the DokuWiki version. DokuWiki also supports email and RSS subscription! Rock on.

Let the project begin!


  1. Chris Craft says:


    Miguel Guhlin is doing the same thing you are, Exploring DokuWiki, and has some solid insights at

    especially the OOo and Word export macros.

    Chris Craft

  2. rkassissieh says:

    Thanks for the Word export macro. A student asked for that the other day. I also have to install Aspell at some point — tips welcome, as I haven’t done it before.

    On another note, the following modification is useful if you want users automatically redirected to the login page instead of the permission denied page.

    Edit line 116-118 of /inc/template.php as follows:

    case ‘denied’:
    //print p_locale_xhtml(‘denied’);

  3. -mike says:

    Richard, I wouldn’t modify the template.php. The reason is, if you modify the definition of ‘denied’ to be the same as ‘login’ you may, in fact, at the very least confuse your users, and at worse cause some sort of strange bug. For example, a user tries to reach a page he/she doesn’t have permission for, instead of getting the very understandable permission denied, he/she gets the login screen. Not horrible, but not really the right result. In general, try not to change these files as they are used in more then one place. I propose you change your index.php file instead. This file is located in the dokuwiki folder, but can be moved to wherever you like so long as you modify it correctly. Assuming it stays in the dokuwiki folder change line 8 to read: header(”Location: doku.php?id=start&do=login”); If ywou move your index.php file elsewhere be sure to put the path in front of doku.php…. Now the address for your wiki is “…” Hope this helps.

  4. rkassissieh says:

    Sorry, Mike. That doesn’t achieve the desired effect. This is a private wiki, so the user gets permission denied instead of the login screen. While I appreciate your suggestion for subpages, I think it’s bad form for a user to get permission denied on the site’s home page before having the opportunity to log in.