Ishmael for iPhoto narration

I have been happy with iMovie for digital storytelling creation, but I faced a new problem last week. A staff member put together a slideshow in iPhoto and presented it to a handful of audiences. I proposed that we post the presentation as a digital story on our web site. A live recording tool like ProfCast would not do the trick, because it only works with Keynote or PowerPoint. iPhoto can play an audio soundtrack, but it cannot synchronize it to a slideshow. iMovie could independently handle video and audio, but synchronizing it required me to manually place each slide at the correct point of the audio track, and then the video clips corrupted when I started extending their lengths on the video track, ruining the project file.

Searching around the web, I found Ishmael, which turned out to be similar to ProfCast for iPhoto and PDFs. It loads your iPhoto presentation and then keeps track of your clicks as you record audio. Unlike ProfCast, you aren’t actually showing the iPhoto slide show at this time, but it worked well as a post-production tool. I played the audio from another computer into the line in on this one and then ran Audacity simultaneously in order to get sound to play through to the speakers so I could hear it! Sounds crazy, I know, but it worked better than iMovie!


I read a little something about Apple introducing audio synchronization to the Leopard version of iPhoto, so we shall see what that looks like. In the meantime, does anyone know of a live iPhoto recording tool or a way to get an iPhoto slideshow into Keynote easily to take advantage of a tool like ProfCast?

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