Server room cleanup

Before break, we spent a day decluttering and rewiring the entire server room. It was both a cathartic and productive day. Now we can sleep better at night knowing that each server has one power supply connected to a newly beefed-up UPS and the other connected to filtered power. This will no doubt pay off down the line in reduced power supply failure and cleaner shutdowns when we lose power.

server room


  1. Paul Monheimer says:

    On behalf of all the folks who use server services on and off campus, many thanks to you and your gnomes, elves, and dwarves for maintaining the servers. I still have fond memories of the guffaws when I brought the first desktop PC type server into the room. Within a month, it was serving more users, storing more data, and using less power than the mainframes (Catlin Gabel had 2!) it was located across from.

  2. Fat Fingers says:

    As a former SysAdmin all I can say is that I wish my server room was 1) that big and 2) that tidy !