Cross-platform film program on the way

We are preparing to start a new visual arts program that will include two sections of documentary film-making. We are also a fully cross-platform laptop school, and are very happy with that choice. What software do you choose in this circumstance? I see three options so far:

1. Teach the entire class in Premiere and After Effects (Adobe brings back Premiere for the Mac). The teacher would be free to provide a lot of application instruction and maximize students’ ability to work with each other. Students may have difficulty integrating themselves into internships or film schools if they have never used Final Cut Pro.

2. Teach with Final Cut Pro for the Mac users and Premiere for the Windows users. This puts the burden on the teacher and would require him/her to distribute much of the responsibility for application learning to the students.

3. Loan each Windows user a Mac for the semester. This is not ideal, we want the students to have all the tools needed to continue creating movies after the course is complete.

What do you think?

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