Microsoft Daylight Savings Time Snafu?

We are finding that Microsoft’s patches and procedures for fixing the early daylight savings time problem are difficult to implement and do not work all the time. Are others having the same experience? I have found and heard little about other users having problems.

Microsoft recommends that you complete the following four steps in as short a timeframe as possible.

4 steps

There’s a lot of work to do, and since most of our clients download updates automatically, we had to patch our servers as soon as possible after the DST patch installed a couple of weeks ago.

Second, each user must run the time zone update tool — not an easy task to support when you have hundreds of users, at least 50 of whom are heavy calendar users. Never mind that it doesn’t successfully update all appointments. Perhaps this leads to Microsoft’s final, confidence-bursting recommendations.


Of course, everything appears normal on a Mac, as if this never happened! I would rather have a simpler system with fewer capabilities than an overly complex one that requires this much work in the event of a change of this sort.


  1. Jim Heynderickx says:

    Hi, Richard

    We’ve been working on this as well, and I believe we have "most" of the servers worked out now in terms of Exchange, our Calendar server, etc. We’re still following up on voicemail and access control system servers.

    If we’re reading the tech net articles correctly, we can update the user’s calendar items in smaller batches at the Exchange server level. This is pretty important for our students, since they only use Outlook Web Access, and not full Outlook. Ergo, I’m not certain that they could run the small local updater at all since they don’t have Outlook.

    If that works for everyone, we hope that we only need to send an email to everyone about the local OS update (in case the auto update didn’t work) and the Outlook update (for their home machines, etc.). We’ll do the same for OS X and Entourage users, and likely revise the instructions and links to a smaller version to send out to parents as an FYI for their home machines.

    If the centralized updater of calendar events on the Exchange server doesn’t work for us as planned, then things could be interesting… šŸ™‚

  2. Michael says:

    It seems the DST patch has wreaked havok with our network in terms of printing for our XP users. We’re on the phone right now w/ ms trying to get this resolved.

  3. LeRoy Bloodworth says:

    I am a home user and not an expert by any means and I do have a problem I need help with. I would certainly appreciate any help I can get before I go completely nuts. I downloaded the patch as recommended by our computer man at work. I don’t think I did every thing right because it did not update. But now I have this box that pops up about every 10-15 seconds or when a screen changes while I am online. It says "A script is accessing some software (an active x control) on this page which has been marked safe for scripting. Do you want to allow this? yes or no". I have tried clicking "yes", "no" and "x ing" out of the box. Nothing seems to get rid of it.

    Any ideas? Thanks for your help.