QuickTime VR Project Kit

If I had been blogging back when I made QuickTime VRs, I would have posted these notes a long time ago.

For best results, you need be able to:

  • Shoot wide-angle or fisheye shots
  • Keep the camera level
  • Shoot at the same angles every time
  • Stitch the shots into a panorama
  • Convert the panorama into a QuickTime VR movie
  • Link different QuickTime VR movies together into a tour.

I did this once with a class a few years ago. I had good experiences with a Kaidan tripod mount and three-stop mount ring, PanoWeaver, CubicConnector and CubicConverter. PanoWeaver was probably the weakest link in this chain, and there are many other stitching applications out there now. The tour itself got out-of-date and was removed, which is something to consider when you do this!

Recommended VR tools: 1 | 2

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