Smart Board Unifi 680i in the house!

We have finally received the Smart Board 680i unit that we ordered back in August! Smart had a bunch of problems getting this product to market for some reason. I feel fortunate that we bought only one, since the troubles they experienced may spell further difficulties for us down the road. However, we are equally happy to have one of these units. The classroom has a vaulted ceiling, making the installation of a ceiling-mounted unit next to impossible. Also, the all-in-one unit is a lot less trouble to install than separate projector, audio speakers, amplifier, and Smart Board. If the unit proves reliable and easy to use, we will look forward to installing it in other locations where the ceiling structure does not allow a vertical mount.

The device itself is something of a marvel. Smart appears to have split up the projector components into two parts. The lens and lamp reside in a tiny enclosure over three feet off the wall, and the projector inputs are all back on the wall!

Smart Board 680i

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