Just Lovin’ Parallels 2.5


Parallels is a company I can believe in. Their 2.5 release addresses all of the concerns I had with the previous release, and those were just wishes. Now Windows apps feel fully integrated with my MacOS. It helped to install Parallels Tools, use Coherence mode exclusively, and switch the Command and Control key mappings. Parallels is perfect for those who want to run Windows applications in a mostly Mac world. It has actually kept me from buying a separate PC for my desk. Too bad it’s not scalable ($$$) to a computing lab or student laptop program installation.

Outlook and the Windows taskbar running on top of MacOS.

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  1. Cirque Lodge says:

    It has a lot of new improvements and the most useful one seems to be True “Drag and Drop” functionality – a long awaited feature that lets you seamlessly drag and drop files and folders from Windows to Mac OS X and vice versa.