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Let’s face it, the stock Moodle graphic treatment isn’t so pretty. Sure, you get used to it, but the line spacing is too small, the structural hints too few, and the icons too ’95. Unfortunately, the Moodle themes gallery is pretty spare considering how widely Moodle is used. WordPress is the leader in its class — its community makes dozens of terrific themes available for free, and those get modified and distributed to other blogging platforms. Perusing the Moodle themes, I was in for another surprise. My favorite of the bunch, CR-Pamona, is only available under a “no derivative works” Creative Commons license. Though it’s available for free download, I can’t modify it? That’s a real shame — not in keeping with the spirit of the Moodle enterprise. They have a number of other good-looking themes for $199, not a bad price, but they could do more for the Moodle user community that is making their commercial enterprise possible in the first place. Does anyone know of another source for free Moodle themes or a good base theme for modification?

CR-Pamona 400


I found a better resource: Free themes from Theme Gurus. I wonder why they didn’t post to the Moodle themes area?


  1. arvind s grover says:

    I know what you mean. The graphics style in Moodle make people feel like it is a 1999 website. I saw one school that worked with Classroom Revolution and just changed all the icons to Windows XP style – it changed the whole feel of Moodle.

    I have a senior who is about to do her senior project retheming our Moodle site. I will keep you posted on what she produces.

  2. Michael Penney says:

    Hi Richard, we’ve developed a new course format that enables a very different view of Moodle, navigation menus, mix blocks and modules, etc. It’s very themable, and I’d love to see some variations on the theme for it, if you are interested.

    You can see tutorials/screenshots here:

    Let me know if you’d like to make some themes for it:-).

  3. Patrick Malley says:

    Hey Richard, I see that this post is a couple month’s old but relevent to what I’m currently working on, so it might be of interest to you. I’m a teacher who was sick of how Moodle looked, so I did <a href="…">this to it</a> last summer. This really opened my eyes to the possibilties. So, this summer I have started making what I like to think are much improved upon themes for Moodle. Already, I have three. I have made <a href="…">two of them available for free</a>, and am selling <a href="…">the third for $39.95 a download</a> – which is pretty fair considering the amount of time I’ve put into creating it. By the end of summer I hope to have a few more (free and for sale).

    Anyway, hope this isn’t too spammy! 🙂 Just thought it answered your post about better looking Moodle themes.

    Take care.

  4. rkassissieh says:


    I don’t mind. Thanks for making some themes available for free and setting reasonable prices for the others.


  5. rkassissieh says:

    I have decided to go with Chameleon for the moment. Let me know what you think.

  6. Sumit Shah says:

    Hi Richard

    You’ve got a great site going – its nice to see teachers actively involved in deploying web tools to enhance education.

    I represent a firm that deploys customized IT solutions to education institutions around the world. We also help institutions reduce their costings by offering to maintain, manage and host all solutions on our servers.

    If you would be interested to start a dialogue and see what we can do for your institution, drop me a line at sumit.shah[at]


  7. DOC says:

    i have recently decided to purchase my first moodle theme…it will be from new school learning, as the guy (Patrick) seems to get it with some sweet designs (big up for Liip template)-

    Heis not being greedy, but spot on with pricing and i will pay because of my own laziness ! and get some real value (EASILY worth £20/$40!!) ….having been an avid fan of Joomla (and all its extensions) … moodle needs some serious cosmetics….

    DOC (uk moodler)

  8. EduMoodle Team says:

    Ive recently created a new moodle theme, called EduMoodle.

    Its available on this website or from the themes database on


    Im constantly updating it a fixing little bugs as and when they come up, best of all its free.

    I’ve also released an icon set which i put together which can be easily added to any theme you are currently using. It makes a big difference having some shiny new icons.

    It was originally based on a Joomla template design i liked and i went from there.

  9. Richard says:

    Dear EduMoodle Team,

    Looks good, and thanks for releasing it for free!


  10. EduMoodle Team says:

    Richard, unfortunatly the web host for EduMooodle let me down, I’ve relocated the theme to:


    Still free and some small improvements made.