Design Makes a Difference!

Since the dot com bust, graphic design from the web has had to make a slow climb back to priority position on people’s want lists. Does design make a difference to the effectiveness of a site? You bet! We just switched the Maru-a-Pula site from a stock Web Site Baker template to a professionally-designed look and feel (by Elavacion, Inc.). Check out the traffic results.


The content is identical. The school did not send out an announcement of the new design. People just plain started using it more. What do you think?






  1. Chris Lehmann says:

    O.k., o.k. — we’ll redesign SLA’s page already!



    Nice redesign!

  2. Aly says:

    nicely done!
    I am just startin my own website for a small business, and I plan to use macromedia dreamweaver. Have you ever used it to design a webpage? If so, is it easy to use without taking a course? Or should I try another application.. (I use a mac)