Interesting Stories

Catching up on my blogging, I came across the following interesting stories. Perhaps I will remember to use them in the future now that I have noted them here!

OER Commons: an open collection of quality, university-level lesson plans

Fully online courses in K-12 districts

Teens limit personal profile information — helps broaden the discussion about youth online safety

E-portfolios: Making Things E-asy — nice case study and overview of electronic portfolio technologies and implementation

Office and Windows for $3? — Ndiyo blog pokes a hole through Microsoft’s recent announcement. Why buy Office and Windows for $3 through your government when you can get Linux and OpenOffice for free?

Tons of free audio resources over at Open Culture, my new favorite blog

Google Maps releases My Maps, potentially useful to students and teachers

Bill releases DrupalEd — I just need five minutes to give it a try.

Interwrite Pad — another interactive pen alternative to Smart Boards and Tablet PCs

VMWare — possible alternative to Parallels. I would love to hear more first-hand comparisons of the two products.

Exe — learning content authoring tool

How to design effective action learning teams

This American Soundtrack

Best Online Documentaries

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