Moodle By Fire

I tried a different kind of Moodle training today at the PNAIS TechShare conference. Leading a session on Installing and Managing Moodle, I decided to try for a proof of concept activity, much like we did a couple of years ago with K12LTSP. I set up my own Linux server for the first time (Ubuntu, in case you are wondering) and created a local account for each workshop participant. I then led them step by step through installing Moodle from scratch, including downloading it using wget, creating a database using phpMyAdmin, and editing the Moodle config.php file using nano. Nearly everyone made it within 75 minutes! By the end of the session, we had a dozen Moodle sites and a few disgruntled participants! In retrospect, I wonder whether it was the best use of our time, since it turned out that most of the participants run IIS web servers and would have benefited from more work on the admin menu options. However, it certainly proved that Moodle is pretty darn easy to install and configure!


  1. Jim Heynderickx says:

    Wow, that sounds ambitious. I’ve only made Moodle sites with the automated Fantasitico system at It automated the whole setup, but allowed all the access for tweaking afterwards.

    I hope the tech share went well. I’ve got 1.5 more days of teaching to do here at the ISM summer workshops.


  2. S. Dreyer says:

    I’m a novice, but my son & I managed to install and configure moodle on our unmanaged Ubuntu dedicated server. He installed and configured Apache, MySQl, and PHP. He installed Moodle 1.8 in my directory and within 2 days, I created a moodle course for a workshop I just gave to elementary teachers. They want to continue to use our moodle for "Virtual Classes". Talk about taking a giant leap!

    I’m a moodle convert! I’ve set up and managed courses for my university students for the past year, and moodle is much more intuitive.