PNAIS TechShare Is Flying!

We are wrapping up day 2 of the PNAIS TechShare conference just now with a playground session for toying with the software applications we have discussed all day. The conference format has been fantastic, allowing participants to freely ask questions and the discussion to range among a variety of topics of people’s interest. For a blow-by-blow account, check out

One major point of discussion this afternoon was an effort to take the PNAIS Tech Directors online community to the next level. Partly, we planned to increase our participation in our email list to the next level. We also discussed posting regular content to I feel that it all starts with the email list. If we can build enough momentum there, then we might be able to carry over to the Drupal site.

In other news, Bill White has got a version of MoodleSpeex running on his 1.8 test site, but he doesn’t quite have the install process packaged in a way that others can use. The Moodle community is getting closer and closer to a working version of Speex for Moodle 1.8! I hope we will make it in time for the start of the school year!

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