Safari for Windows — why?

I am curious about Apple’s announcement that they will produce a Windows version of Safari. I have had lots of bad experiences with Safari. Most serious Mac users I know have dropped Safari for Firefox. With IE 7 and the superior Windows version of Firefox available to them, why would anyone use Safari on Windows? What does Apple have to gain from giving away a free Windows version of a Mac browser? It must have something to do with the iPhone. If Windows users adopt the iPhone in the way they have the iPod, and developers create Safari-based applications for the iPhone, then Windows Safari users could run the same applications on their desktop computers. Now if only Apple would fix Safari …


  1. Sunil Joshi says:

    I have had the exact opposite experience. Firefox doesn’t render things the way they should, where as I have never had rendering problems in Safari. Firefox is a nice browser, but still not perfect.

    Why Windows? I am sure its related somehow to people wanting the clean design of iTunes. Also, strategically it makes sense as Apple wants people to experience Apple like design when they use windows on Mac.

    I would be very surprised if the Safari doesn’t garner 8-10% share of browser base quickly.

  2. Stephanie Thomas says:

    I agree. I really don’t like Safari and have been using Firefox. I create web pages on my mac, and they are completely css-based. The pages look beautiful in Firefox, and horrible in safari. Safari reminds me of the intricacies of IE. Web designers be weary of Safari for windows; junk!

  3. Represto says:

    I tried out the new Safari for Windows…and dumped it within 24 hours. Nothing looked right. Firefox is basically garbage on windows too. Memory leaks galore. When it comes down to it, IE7 has been the only browser that I find actually works.

  4. James Berry says:

    By the way Richard, if you check out the Safari 3 beta you’ll note that it’s fixed the issues with content editable that you were having, at least with recent versions of software such as TinyMCE.

    Safari continues to be one of the most standards compliant browsers available, and renders pages much more nicely than FireFox is in my opinion (and in those of many others:…). Not to mention that it’s just plain better looking all around. The 3.0 version is better than ever.

    One great reason to have Safari available in windows is that finally all those Windows-only developers will be able to test their html on a third browser, and have more reason to support standards rather than browser specific hacks, or, worse yet, the IE-only mindset.

  5. Dan Burgess says:

    Has anybody figuered out how to open an excel file via safari for windows without having to download it to your PC first?

    I have a lot of excel files which I open from webpages and everytime you click on an excel link in safari it downloads it to your PC first then opens it. Unlike IE7 or Firefox which just open the file. They may download to a temp folder but safari doesn’t even do this.
    To me this is a huge thing that is missing and I am sure I am not the only one who finds this frustrating.