Summer Is Here

Students and teachers are all gone, and we are off to a quick start with our summer projects. The entire list is too long to reproduce here, but we have set an ambitious and optimistic agenda. We won’t shed a tear if we don’t finish some of them. We have a lot to show for just a few days into summer.

  • Two veteran summer interns (Kaitlyn and Eric) on board
  • 46 MacBook and 10 ThinkPad orders placed for incoming ninth graders. The families have been superb with getting their orders in on time, and the ratio of Macs to PCs is a huge swing from the previous class.
  • Faculty/staff workstation transition plans complete
  • Follett Destiny library system installed and running, with a few tweaks left to make
  • The family directory for next year exported from Education Edge and ready for publication
  • Sonicwall VPN concentrator in pilot phase. This works brilliantly as a web front-end to VPN — no more client software to maintain!
  • Admission inquiry web software in pilot
  • Curriculum map data ported to mySQL as proof of concept
  • Dant house data and signal cabling approved and installed. Projectors for Dant and Humanities have arrived, and I found a great Rolls mixer/amp for the classroom installations.
  • Middle School summer reading forums set up for student conversations
  • David H.’s wedding planned and ready to go!

I can’t wait to see what next week will bring!

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