New Moodle features, or have I just not been paying attention?

Working with a teacher today, I came across the following Moodle features, some of which are probably new to version 1.7 or 1.8 and some of which were probably there all along, and I just didn’t notice them!

Complete activity reports

Click on any student icon -> Activity Report -> Complete Report, and you can actually see all of the individual pieces of work a student has submitted. This satisfies a request that two teachers specifically brought to my attention and probably many more have wanted for some time.

complete activity report

Media filters

I turned on media filters just for fun while attempting to implement Speex, and presto, Moodle automatically inserts a Flash player when I upload a MP3 file! This will make audio work so much easier, especially in language classes.

audio player

Assignment type: upload multiple files

English teachers invariably follow a writing process model, which requires submission and review of multiple drafts of each written work. Moodle now provides an assignment type that permits both the student and the teacher to upload multiple files. In this way, they may exchange multiple revisions and commented versions until the paper is complete.


Inline assignment commenting

I had known about this before, but it dovetails nicely with the previous feature. If students are comfortable writing directly into Moodle (tough for three-page essays), then the teacher may insert comments in a different color directly into the text. Sure, it’s not “track changes,” but most teachers want to provide advice rather than directly edit the student’s text.

Bravo, Moodle! You have developed a strong capacity to provide features that teachers rely on and respond to their continued needs.


  1. Patrick Malley says:


    I believe all of these things have been in Moodle as long as I’ve been working with it (1.5). It’s understandable how they could get overlooked, considering the vastness of the software.

    I think that complete report is remarkably useful around evaluation time. I like to pull it up on the screen when talking to parents. Works like a charm!

  2. rkassissieh says:

    Not a surprise, really. Moodle has a ton of features. This is why I like to train teachers on the basics and then see where they want more instruction.