Sharing PCs, just not through the network

We have heard a lot in recent years about technologies designed reduce the cost of computer lab implementation. Several network-based terminal server solutions exist (Microsoft terminal server, Citrix, and K12LTSP), some are trying to build extremely inexpensive laptops (OLPC, XO), and others speculate about the potential for phones to meet the needs of some computing activities. Now, it appears that nComputing has come up with a device that allows multiple users to share the same computer without using the network. Based on KVM technology, the x300 allows one computer to run multiple keyboards and mice, kind of like a small-scale mainframe technology. Typically, the users would sit right next to each other, since the cables are meant to carry data and power over short distances. Like other resource-sharing solutions, this will work best for software applications where the computer itself is idle much of the time because the user is reading or thinking, for example word processing and web browsing. I would love to take this for a test drive!

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