Network Freeze

Some time ago, our systems administrator proposed a network freeze in the two weeks before faculty return to school. We would make no more changes to the network infrastructure without leaving sufficient time to test them before everyone came back and the year started. Well, today is the day, and I believe that we are within a day or so of meeting that deadline! Our team is nailing down the final details of how Macs will connect to Windows printer shares, and we flipped the switch on Cisco Network Access Control (a.k.a. Clean Access) this afternoon. About half of the file shares are moved from the old RAID array to the new, and I am wrapping up testing and loose ends on the half dozen or so web scripts I developed this summer. We are just in time, too, because our dedicated teachers are beginning to return from vacation to start preparations for the upcoming year. We are freezing the network configuration just in time.

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