Oh, what has happened to you, Yahoo!?

After years as my preferred web portal, I have finally kicked Yahoo! to the curb. The last straw was when they began to feature glossy “popular interest” stories in the top spot of the home page. Now, either I will just head straight for Google News, or perhaps I will try one of those personalized portal services. I continue to prefer “blank” as my home page.

who cares?


  1. Paul Monheimer says:

    I dumped yahoo for the same reason a long time ago. Customized a Google page…world news, my interests, calendar, flight tracking, no skin, it just loads quickly!

    Welcome to the Google club!

  2. rkassissieh says:

    The only thing that bugs me about iGoogle is that it overlaps too closely with Mac widgets. I was hoping for something more different from my web portal.