A New Project: Open Source Library Systems

I am starting a new side project to take a close look at open source library systems. I dabbled in this area twice in the last two years, getting to know the landscape of Koha and Emilda with two schools that ultimately went for major commercial products. The area seems poised for growth. New players Evergreen and Scriblio arrived on the scene this year, and the latter meets the challenge of Web 2.0 in libraries by a fascinating new method. Although interest levels are extremely high, significant barriers to adoption exist, and implementation rates are very low. Developers and support providers dominate the literature on these tools. My goal is to have first-hand conversations with people who have considered or implemented open-source library system tools and get a better understanding of conditions that lead to successful implementation. Let me know if you share my interest in this topic.


  1. Pat says:

    Richard – have you had any feed back on this post? We are currently looking at options ourselves, curious to see if you’ve investigated any further.

  2. Richard says:

    Not feedback exactly, but rather a number of inquiries expressing interest in the concept. If you look at the blogroll in the right-hand column, you’ll see a new category for Libraries that has led me to some very interesting reading. I’m still interested and excited in the this topic, though I won’t have the opportunity to try to implement an open-source library system myself for a while.