Moodle wiki and div tags

Here’s a good story about a tool being used with great success, and the collaborative efforts required to resolve a technical problem with the tool. Working with a teacher, I found a known bug in the Moodle wiki in which students’ wiki pages became nearly unusable — slow at first and ultimately inaccessible due to errors such as “30 seconds exceeded” and “script error.” In each item I examined, Moodle created hundreds of <div style=”margin-left:15px;” class=”indent”> tags, reducing the ability of the browser to display the content.

The good news is that the content was recoverable in all cases I have examined so far. If the problem is mild, you can edit a wiki page, switch to code view, and remove the leading div tags. If the problem is more severe, then you need to edit the database content directly using a mySQL admin tool such as phpMyAdmin (table: wiki_pages). Others are experiencing the same problem.

The wiki work happening in this class is terrific — more on that later. I am glad that we were able to find a solution to let this excellent work continue.


  1. Daniel Silverman says:

    That sounds like a problem. I am glad you found a fix, though. If it is a repeating cycle, then would that not require constant mantainance to "clean up" the script?

  2. rkassissieh says:


    Yes and no. The problem occurs in about 20% of cases, and then, like an infectious disease, it can usually be treated before it gets too serious! I only have to step in if a wiki gets so bad that it becomes unusable or starts throwing errors. Now that I know the error, it is very quick to fix.


  3. Luis Vivas says:

    Hello, this is a fix bug:

    Rename you original ewiki.php to ewiki2.php; my moodle wikis its ok.