Podcasting PNAIS All Schools Conference

Update 10/19/07: The audio files are posted. Speakers include Rosalind Wiseman, Howard Hiton, Laura Kastner, Marti Olsen Laney, and Eban Goodstein.

Catlin Gabel hosts the PNAIS All Schools Conference this Friday, October 12. We are planning to record and podcast all of the featured speakers and as many of the Catlin Gabel presenters as are interested. The potential to provide a national audience with a useful resource is very exciting to the conference organizers. We have purchased a half dozen Olympus WM-300 and lavolier mics and coordinated with our theater director to collect the recordings. Having had success podcasting internally with Drupal, I plan to install a new, public Drupal site for these podcasts. Permission to record and publish has been obtained from the featured speakers.

I would love feedback and tips as we anticipate this event, especially if you have done this sort of thing before.


  1. Bill Fitzgerald says:

    Hello, Richard,

    What is this Drupal thing of which you speak?

    All kidding aside, I’d be glad to take a look at the podcasting site and give some feedback.

    At its most stripped down, it could be as easy as core drupal, the audio module, and the mass upload feature for audio files.

    Create a vocabulary that mirrors the strands/subject areas used in the conference, and tag the podcast with the right term.

    Use the body of the audio node to give an overview of the session, and that would get you started, and, depending on your eventual goals for the site, maybe even done.



  2. Vinnie Vrotny says:


    I look forward to listening to your podcasts. Great idea. I hope that everything works the way you expect.

  3. Thomas Weber says:

    Thanks for the session today on web 2.0. It was very informative.

  4. Vinnie Vrotny says:

    were you able to post your podcast channel for the rest of us to listen too?

  5. rkassissieh says:

    Getting close. I am tracking down the final two audio tracks from the person who recorded them. You can see the rest in a staging area at http://ww2.catlin.edu/drupal/ or load the podcast channel at itpc://ww2.catlin.edu/drupal/audio/feed.

    Since our main web site does not support podcasts, I installed this "invisible" Drupal site from which I will pull the Flash players and download links into our main web site. It will look seamless!

  6. Alex Ragone says:

    Hi Richard,

    Looking forward to listening. Thanks for sharing!

    This would be great to share with the ISED-L list.

    – Alex

  7. rkassissieh says:

    They are posted (see above for link).

    I’m not currently on ISED-L, but please feel free to send on the message. Here is what I posted to a couple of local lists.

    Catlin Gabel is pleased to present audio recordings of five featured speakers from the PNAIS All Schools Conference on October 12. Feel free to forward this announcement to your faculty and staff.


    Featured Speakers
    Rosalind Wiseman: Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads
    Laura Kastner, PhD: Ten Skills that Adolescents Need for Successful College Launching
    Howard Hiton: Engaging Men in Their Children’s Education
    Marti Olsen Laney, PsyD: Reaching and Teaching Innies and Outies
    Eban Goodstein, PhD: Focus the Nation: A National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions for America