The operating system is so over

I received Leopard today and started to install it on a test machine, yet I am preparing to be underwhelmed. How much more can a software company improve an operating system while the market demands doodads and eye candy? That Apple’s play is only a revenue generator is clear if you consider the top five new features of the operating system: automated backup, multiple desktops, video chat background, email stationary, and document preview. Yes, there’s something there, but it’s not going to tranform anyone’s life. Social software is far more innovative and transformative.

Give me an operating system that boots up in three seconds, never crashes, has no security holes, and is totally intuitive to navigate. I will gladly spend for this. OS X comes closest, especially for ease of use. Ubuntu is a near second, though it’s still very rough around the edges in places. Windows is about sixteenth, on account of difficulty of navigation and days required for maintenance.

The operating system is over. Give me the social web.

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