What if we only ran open-source on the desktop?

Sure, I want everyone to migrate to open-source applications on the desktop. Yet, I am wary of the cultural obstacles to making such a switch. Today, I was encouraged to find out about two more area schools that are making the leap.

School #1: “All of our student/faculty systems are MacBooks. Almost all software installed is Open Source ( Abiword, Seascape, Neo-Office, etc ).”

School #2: “We run a fair amount of open source/free programs (Terragen, gimp, ArtRage, Google earth, Moodle, etc.)”

Given the significant adjustment needed to move from Office 2003 to 2007, why not just hop over to OpenOffice instead? The adjustment would likely be easier!


  1. Paul Monheimer says:

    I have used Microsoft’s suite for a very long time. Decided this year to switch, cold turkey, to Neo Office. If I am in a hurry, I will return to Word because it is what I know, but I probably do 95% of my work in Neo Office right now. Yesterday, I created a slide show (just like Powerpoint), and, today, I figured out FontWork, which is even better than Word Art.

    I will begin teaching with Neo Office in my next unit. Should be interesting with kids.

    People have to have a reason to switch. If Catlin Gabel makes the switch to Open Source, what will be the $$$$ benefit?

  2. Daniel Silverman says:

    Open source sounds like a good idea, but there might be compatibility issues with non open source users on other computers. I have a linux computer and a mac, and there is usually some difficulty in transferring data.