Documenting School Drupal Sites

I am building a list of school “front-door” web sites running on Drupal. We know that Drupal is practically indispensable for student and teacher publishing within school, but what about the school’s public web presence?

Here’s my short list of school main, public web sites running Drupal:

Windrush School, El Cerrito, CA

Catlin Gabel, Portland, OR (our school!)

Stratford Hall, Vancouver, BC

Amherst College

Katherine Delmar Burke School, San Francisco, CA

Lincoln High School, Portland, OR

Newberg Public Schools, Oregon

Lewis Elementary, Portland, Oregon

Seattle Academy, Seattle, Washington

Meridian School, Seattle, Washington

Billings Middle School, Seattle, Washington

Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Communication and Information

Peralta Elementary School, Oakland, CA

Yale School of Architecture

UC Berkeley School of Information

University of Calgary

Harvard Science

University of Minnesota

Arizona State

Ohio State

Washington University (St. Louis)

Hamline Law School

Slane College, Bradley University

Bainbridge Island School District


  1. Geoff Hankerson says:

    Here are some more: the University of Calgary ( and Harvard Science (http://harvardscience.harva…), Yale School of Architecture (http://www.architecture.yal…) University of Tennessee College of information and Communication (, University of Minnesota (http://takingcharge.csh.umn…) , Arizona State ( Ohio State (http://www.math.ohio-state….), Berkley (http://www.ischool.berkeley
    ), Washington University (St, Louis (
    ( and Slane College at Bradley University all have Drupal sites.
    oh and ours

  2. rkassissieh says:

    Sweet and many thanks. I will include them in the body of the post.

    – Richard

  3. Chris Lehmann says:

    Ours isn’t our front page yet… but give us a little time. It’s public though:


  4. Bill Fitzgerald says:

    Hello, Richard,

    This is a site we brought live last spring:



  5. Jamie mcparland says:

    Our High School

    All of our elementaries

  6. Waleed Nassar says:

    And here’s one from Egypt:

    Misr Language Schools

  7. Mike, a Bradley University Student says:

    I am a student at Bradley University and the site listed is not our main webpage, but they might be changing soon. A new site for Bradley was actualy released today, and hopefully students now will have a website they will actually use frequently.

  8. Chris says:

    Also add the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB).