Leopard, Windows printing and Clean Access

I’ve started testing Leopard a little bit, so that our most enthusiastic users may install it within a relatively short timeframe. So far, I am running into two issues. Our Cisco Clean Access system is not playing well with Leopard. Cisco is apparently planning to release a patch within about eight days to address this. I am also having problems finding Windows printers. I can see the Catlin domain, but no servers appear in the Windows printer browser. I would use the advanced method of manually specifying server and share name if I could figure out how to get to the Advanced printer selection options in Leopard! Onward we press …


  1. James Ramsey says:

    I’m curious if you’ve found a solution as we are having the same problem.

  2. rkassissieh says:

    Which part? We await the Clean Access client patch, which should come out this week. I haven’t yet taken a closer look at printing. There must exist a way to specify the server/share path manually as there was in Tiger.

  3. Ulf Sandfrost says:

    In regards to Advanced options in printing panel.

    Rightclick on the toolbar, click customize add advanced.