More Exchange Headaches

We extended our list of Exchange-Outlook-Entourage complaints today:

– OWA for non-IE browsers can only display six simultaneous appointments. Why display more than six appointments at one time? For resource scheduling, in this case, school buses. At the same time, OWA displays more than six in the week view, which is displayed as a list instead of a calendar.

– Entourage chokes when it attempts to synchronize large public folders, such as the school Master Calendar. In its attempt to load hundreds of appointments, the application times out, and the rainbow wheel takes over. I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider a few hundred appointments to be a lot of data for computers these days!

– Outlook treats multiple calendars as completely separate objects. It does not have the modern calendar feature of being able to turn calendar category layers on and off at will.

– Moderated public folders are very touchy. If you manage to set up a moderated folder with email notification correctly, don’t touch it! If you do so, it may break.

– Microsoft is reducing development on public folders in an attempt to move users to SharePoint to share resources.

It is looking increasingly likely that we will migrate to a new calendar solution that handles community calendars and resource scheduling properly. What will it be? If the calendar solution can make iCal feeds available, then in theory Outlook 2007 users will be able to subscribe to those calendars, allowing us to make this change without taking our users away from their familiar PIM. What calendar solution will our power-users take on? Does Sunbird have what it takes? How can I create a moderated community calendar using iCal and Sunbird?

One comment

  1. Daniel Silverman says:

    These are all basic problems with Entourage/Outlook/Exchange, but it seems that the other applications might not be up to the task either.

    Maybe, it would be possible to use a totally different application? I don’t have any suggestions, but I’m sure that there’s something out there.

    A internet calendar, created as a web object, could have lots of use and depth, but it wouldn’t stream info to outlook.

    For now, it is indeed a conundrum.