Remove Hidden Mac Files from Linux Server

Note to self: find . -name ._*.doc -exec rm {} \;

Does anyone have a better way to prevent the upload of hidden Mac files to a Linux server? I was uploading a directory of files from my Mac to Moodle and ended up with a hidden (resource?) file for each document uploaded.

Also: Renamer4Mac, a nifty file renaming tool, essential in this case to replace spaces with underscores for batch upload to Moodle.


  1. Dylan Bennett says:

    There is this to make it stop making the .DS_Store files…

    I don’t think that fixes all the .filename’s created, though.

  2. mark pearson says:

    I use secure copy. If you have SSH installed on your Linux box (which you ought to have) then you can from the Mac merely type:
    $ scp <filename><filename>

    and if you want to copy over a bunch of files then tar-gzip em up first:
    $ tar -czvf archive.tgz directorytotransfer
    and scp the tgz file over.

    On the Linux box then :
    $ tar -xzvf archive.tgz and your directory will be recreated without the resource fork junk.