Add Samba printers in Leopard

Putting together a couple of other web resources, here is a step-by-step guide to adding Samba printers in Leopard. Our Windows print server is on a different subnet from many of our users, so the printers don’t show up automatically. This method also passes user credentials to the print server. Next step: to automate this process so that we can add multiple printers in one step.

1. Open System Preferences -> Print & Fax.

system preferences

2. Select to add a new printer.


3. The first time you do this, add the Advanced button to the add printer toolbar. Ctrl-click on the toolbar, select “Customize Toolbar…”, and then drag the Advanced button onto the toolbar.



4. Select Advanced then specify the following printer settings.

Type: Windows

Device: Another Device

URL: smb://username:password@domain/printserver/printername, where username is your network username, password is your password, domain is your Windows domain, printserver is the name of your print server, and printername is the name of the printer share.

Name: the printer name

Location (optional): the physical location of the printer, e.g. “Vollum common space”

Print Using: Select a driver to use -> search for the correct model.

Select the Add button to save this printer. If prompted, select Duplexing. That should do it!


Update 1/8/2008: Thank you for the many positive comments to this post. It appears that print options such as duplex and landscape orientation are not working at our site. Does anyone know whether this is a known bug or something we may correct?

Update 3/7/2008: Looks like print options are fixed with Mac OS 10.5.2. Hooray!


  1. Fredrik Dernebo says:

    You just made my day!!! I can’t beleave how hard it was to get this to work. Many thanks to you!

  2. Jeff Davis says:

    Thanks, Richard. This worked perfectly.

  3. Paco Sanchez says:

    Thanks, thanks and thanks again 🙂

  4. Phil says:

    Life saver. Thanks a billion

  5. Steve V. says:

    I’m seeing the problems with duplex and landscape as well. Thanks for the pointers on getting basic printing working, though!

  6. Louis Muloka says:

    Great tip! As if they’d hide the advance options like that… ugh.

  7. Ian B says:

    Thanks a lot. I am at a law school where we do not "officially’ support Macs. I am a Windows tech, but still like to offer similar service to all students as best as possible.

    I found a similar explanation on another website for Tiger, but your instructions are the best so far for getting this done on Leopard.

    Now I know I’ll have a few happy Mac users!

  8. Danny says:

    Has Apple completely lost their mind??? Did I really just have to customize a toolbar as part of a step in adding a printer??? My wife’s laptop running Tiger saw the printer no problem yet here I am with the latest and greatest Leopard OS and this is how I have to install a printer? I am truly, truly, truly, GOBSMACKED. It was easier to install a printer on my Radio Shack Color Computer in 1986.

  9. Greg says:

    I agree with Danny. Holy #$#!

    Thanks so much for this.

  10. Chris Taylor says:

    Thanks a lot for the ‘advanced’ tip. This did the trick. However, the additional items on the printer (like two sided and sorting, etc) that I could access under Tiger are nor longer listed. Any suggestions? I am on 10.5.5.

  11. Richard says:

    In my experience, if you select the correct printer driver, then the options for that printer are available. Sorry that I can’t be more helpful than that.