Anthro — nice job with the tech support!

I had a completely atypical customer service experience when I called Anthro yesterday. A customer service rep picked up the phone on the second ring, consulted with Engineering while I was on hold, and then gave me a very helpful suggestion to my question. The whole experience took about five minutes and completely solved the issue. Two thoughts occured to me: first, that I had a great experience, and second, that I wish that more companies ascribed to this standard! It so happens that Anthro is local (Tualatin, OR). and now that I think about it, many of the local companies have terrific support departments. Perhaps there is something about the friendly culture of Portland that makes it a good place to host a customer service center.

Now for the actual issue. Our Anthro LTSC30 alternates charging one side of the cart at a time, but we only use one side of the cart. Rather than purchase a new cart, we wanted to make it possible to charge just the sixteen laptops as quickly as possible. The Anthro manual helped us understand that we could increase the timer interval length to 100 minutes, and tech support suggested that we could connect the second bank of power outlets directly to an external source if we wished. We didn’t adopt the latter suggested but instead connected all of the power supplies to the primary bank of outlets, increased the interval time to 100 minutes, and then instructed teachers to flip the external power switch to Off and then to Internal to reset the timer so that the laptops got a good 100 minutes of charge right away. We’ll keep an eye on how well this solution performs.

The following diagram shows the location of the power switch on the cart. The timer adjustment is a tiny dial located below and to the left of the timer, easily mistaken for a screw head.

laptop cart

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