Blackberry Pearl

I picked up a Blackberry Pearl today — a nice mix of compact size and smart functionality. It also finally solves my two-phone dilemma — when work provides the smart phone but you also need to own your own phone in order to place personal calls. The Pearl is incredibly thin, and I can do work email, calendar, appointment reminders, web browsing, to-do lists, notes, RSS feeds, maps, photos, and even music if I wish. It was dead easy to get onto our BES server at school. Best of all, I got the device for free (after rebates) at Car Toys and signing up for a new AT&T contract!

I have experienced only two quirks so far. The screen is pretty small, but I’ll accept that in exchange for the ability to keep the tiny device comfortably in my pocket. GMail 1.5.1 doesn’t work with my Google hosted domain, which is puzzling, since GMail 1.1.0 worked fine with my hosted domain on my Blackberry 7100i. I hope that Google is planning to implement hosted domain support on GMail mobile — it’s very handy to access work and personal email from the device but keep them separate.

I have very gradually been getting more accustomed to doing work on a mobile device. The usefulness of additional applications — a whole suite from Google plus Newsgator RSS reader — have really opened the door for me. I am sure that I will reach the limit soon. Nothing compares to a full-size keyboard and screen, and I’m just not that mobile compared to the classic smart phone road warrior.

Sure, I’d rather have an iPhone, but not for $400! ;^)

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