Blackberry Photo Blogging

My latest Blackberry wish is to be able to easily post pictures I take from the Blackberry to my blog as new posts. This leads to two questions.

– How do you find out the URL of a Flickr mobile image? I want to post Blackberry photos to my blog as easily as possible, but the javascript-based image insertion tool in my blog doesn’t work on my Blackberry. Yahoo Go! allows me to easily upload Blackberry photos to Flickr, but then I can’t get the image URL from the Flickr app in Yahoo Go!, though it displays the image very nicely. Without the URL, I can’t embed the image into the blog post. I tried blogging by email, but the images just ended up as attachments instead of displaying inline. Surely, a way to do this must exist.

– Does a good mobile blogging application exist for Blackberry? I’m thinking something like MarsEdit for mobile phones. It would just need to support the RSD protocol.

How do you post photos from your phone to your blog?

Update: writing this post brought good karma — I got mobile photoblogging to work on Nucleus CMS by sending the photo as MMS instead of email. Never mind the above questions, since sending by MMS makes uploading the image to Flickr unnecessary. I still wouldn’t mind a dedicated mobile blogging application. One final hiccup: Nucleus’ NotifyMe is not firing on items added using PostMan, so subscribers don’t receive email notifications. I only use that on my other blog, anyway.


  1. Charles says:

    Hey blogger allows you to upload to your blog through mms and you can post photos and text

  2. rkassissieh says:

    Good to know. However, I like having control over the software running my blog.

    – Richard