What a day!

Just finished a thrilling but atypically busy day — I’ll need another one of me to follow up on these items.

9:30: Met with networking company executives and our sysadmin to put Clean Access project back on track.

10:30: Met with Communications Director to budget for web site redesign (Drupal, anyone?)

11:30: Showed Globalization class how to create static pages in Drupal for “cultural icons” project.

1:00: Showed senior project students how to blog in Drupal.

1:30: Met with alumni office staff to add RSVP feature to Elgg-based alumni web site.

2:30: Helped students with tech support issues.

2:45: Met with middle school head to plan for tomorrow night’s “Web 2.0 for parents.”

3:30: Met with same networking company + sysadmin to review proposal for core switch upgrade.

4:30: Went for a run (good sanity measure).

Anyone catch a trend?

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