Trying EventBrite

I am using EventBrite for the first time to organize online ticket sales for an African AIDS orphan fundraiser in New York. The event features the Maru-a-Pula Marimba Band, a world-class African marimba group. If you’re interested in attending the April 14 event, buy tickets here!

I appreciate that EventBrite provides a prominent location for an event logo and keep their own advertising to a minimum. They also place ticket selection and event description on a single page, reducing the number of clicks to make a purchase.

EventBrite screen shot

It’s interesting that EventBrite specializes just in ticket purchase — they link to PayPal instead of providing an integrated payment gateway. The time-consuming part of the process has been to register a new account for our organization on PayPal. I was impressed to find out how much PayPal has changed over the years. They present a much more professional image than before and provide a full range of payment services. I am in the process of configuring automatic transfers to our organization’s bank account. Eventually, I should be able to use PayPal as a payment gateway without sending users to the PayPal site. I plan to use this feature to move online giving from Network for Good (where it is currently broken) to our site.

If I were already running the organization’s web site in Drupal, I would have tried the Event and e-Commerce modules. However, this is still an old, static site, which I will find time to upgrade one day.


  1. Jono Smith says:

    I noticed you were having trouble with your Network for Good service. Our Basic DonateNow service does not process donations for private non-operating foundations. However, this is a feature of Custom DonateNow (…) . Keep in mind that for charities
    conducting national campaigns, registration is required in forty-one (41) states currently. This is one of the benefits of using Network for Good over PayPal; as a donor advised fund, we are registered to process donations in all 50 states + DC.

  2. Richard says:

    We are a private, operating non-profit corporation that successfully accepted Network For Good donations for two years before it suddenly stopped working.

  3. Jack Mardack says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words, Richard.